Community Smiles

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Smiles are for Sharing

They say nothing in life is free… But we’re here to prove them wrong!

Our team at Northmed Dental Centre are committed to giving back to our local community. The support from our neighbourhood has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated, so we felt inspired to come up with a way to give back to the community. Together, we want to make people SMILE!

We are asking YOU to help us find four local deserving candidates that will come on a SMILE journey with us here at Northmed. There’s no criteria for submissions, we are purely searching for people that know they need dental treatment, but for whatever reason they haven’t done anything about it.

Community Smiles

All you need to do is tell us your story! You can send us your story via email, include some photos, tell us what you need, and why you feel we should help make you smile? Or if you are nominating a person, let us know a little about them and why they are the most deserving candidate.

All applicants will be narrowed down to the eight most deserving people, from there we will share these photos and stories on our Facebook page and it will be up to you all, our community, to help us vote for the four winners! Every “LIKE” on a candidate’s profile will be calculated and the four winners announced. If you’re having treatment at Northmed Dental centre you will be provided with tokens to place into a collections vase for your person of choice. These tokens will be paid forward towards the cost of the dental work for this person.

How to Apply:

  • Send us your story stating
    • 1 why you would like to have your teeth treated
    • 2 what dental treatment you need (if you know)
    • 3 include photos
    • 4 include a contact number and current email address

  • Send your story to

  • You will hear back from us if we have further questions, or would like to get you in for a free consultation/treatment assessment.