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Fixing Gum Recession and Protect Your Teeth

Gum recession might be a fairly common dental issue, but it’s one that can have a serious impact on the lifespan of your teeth. Worse yet, is that the progression of receding gums happens so gradually that many patients don’t realize the problem...

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Oral Health Exam

The Importance of Regular Oral Checkups

Seeing the dentist isn’t likely on the top of your never-ending ‘to-do list’, yet regular oral checkups are an important part of maintaining optimal oral health, preventing disease, and keeping those pearly whites bright and healthy. We’re all...

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Finding the Right Cosmetic Dentist in Auckland

Having healthy teeth and gums is an important factor in maintaining good overall health. Regular visits to the dentist help to support your good dental hygiene habits and also helps to reduce any fears or anxiety of visiting the dentist. Regular dental...

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3 Ways to Get a Perfect Wedding Day Smile

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and wonderful days of your life. However, the last thing you want is either to be afraid to smile for the camera or look back at your wedding pictures and feel embarrassed because of your smile. Depending...

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Sedation Dentistry and Fear of Visiting the Dentist

Is fear of going to see the dentist preventing you from getting your teeth checked out, even if you know you need to have some work done? One of the biggest concerns we hear from patients is that you are aware of everything that is happening going...

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Turn Back the Years with Teeth Whitening

You’ve probably heard the saying that your eyes are the window to the soul? One of the first things we notice when meeting someone is their smile, and it does tend to set our initial impression of them – for better or worse. Some people...

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How To Choose A Cosmetic Dentist

When you need the services of a cosmetic dentist, you’ll want to carefully consider several aspects to ensure you get the best possible result for your situation. Experience You’ll want someone who’s experienced. It’s helpful...

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Open For All Treatments

⁠Kiwis are doing such an awesome job with beating the Covid-19 pandemic and flattening the curve that our Prime Minister has announced a move back to Level 1 restrictions from Thursday the 8th of October.  ⁠ What does that mean?⁠ This means that...

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7 Tips About Your Invisalign Treatment

Most people find Invisalign treatment to be an easy, comfortable experience. When you want the best experience and the best results, you can start with some tips. You must be conscientious about tooth brushing. You’ll need to remove your aligners...

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