Emergency Dentistry

emergency dental treatment

Emergency Dentists

If you are in pain or discomfort with a dental emergency, we can help you.

At Northmed Dental center we aim to:

  • See you on the same day that you contact us
  • Diagnose your dental problem
  • Discuss the treatment options available to you
  • Relieve you from pain and discomfort

This service is open to everyone and is not confined to existing patients. Nervous patients are welcome. We can see you for: Swollen face, toothache, broken fillings, broken teeth, bleeding gums, lost crown or veneer. We have dedicated our practice to make you feel comfortable and confident throughout your entire orthodontic experience.

ACC and Dentistry

Does ACC cover dental treatment?

ACC is the government agency that compensates individuals who have sustained injuries through accidents. This includes dental injuries. ACC may be able to help towards your treatment costs if you have a dental injury caused by an accident, a sporting injury, or as a result of dental treatment.

What support can I get?

In most cases, ACC will be able to pay part of the cost towards accident related dental injury. If your injury is more serious, we may refer you to a medical doctor to assess your overall condition. Many preventable dental injuries happen on the sports field. A well-fitted mouthguard is essential.

What do I need to do?

If you suffer a dental injury, see your dentist about the injury as soon as possible. Make sure that your treatment is carried out by a registered dentist. We will help you complete an ACC claim form. In most cases we will treat you on the first visit and charge you part of the normal fee and ACC will pay the rest of the cost.

If you need to take time off work due to your injury then we will complete a medical certificate for you. If you are likely to need treatment from a specialist then ACC must approve this treatment as necessary and appropriate first. We will discuss your treatment with you and can show you the ACC Schedule of Dental Treatment Costs Contributions. You need to ensure you are fully informed of what your financial responsibility is before undergoing any dental treatment.

How does ACC decide if I am covered?

ACC may cover dental injuries caused:

  • by a sporting injury
  • by an accident
  • as a result of medical or dental treatment.

ACC doesn’t cover dental claims if the:

  • damage to your teeth or dentures is due to normal wear and tear
  • damage happened to your dentures when you were not wearing them
  • treatment was carried out by a dental technician

The amount that ACC can contribute depends on the kind of injury and the condition of your mouth, dentures, and teeth before the injury happens.

What information does ACC need from me?

Your dentist will need to complete an ACC42 Dental Injury Claim form. This form has more specific details about your dental injury.

ACC Dentists

For more information on making a claim with ACC, please click here

WINZ Quotes

Urgent Dental Treatment

If you are on a benefit, pension, student allowance or you are on a limited income then you may be entitled to financial assistance from WINZ for urgent dental treatment. Come in and see us for a FREE WINZ quote.

If you need help with urgent dental treatment and are eligible for assistance then WINZ will generally allow up to $300.00 for your treatment which is non-recoverable (you don’t have to pay it back). They may be able to assist you with more depending on your situation.

WINZ will generally only make one payment for urgent dental treatment per year. How much you are entitled to will depend on your situation. *They may not be able to cover the full cost of treatment. You don’t have to be on a benefit to qualify for this help. You may have to pay the money back depending on your situation.