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Dental Services

Dental Services

What We Do

Clear Braces and Alignment
General Dentistry
Check ups, Cleaning
Braces, Corrections, Alignment
emergency dentistry
Emergency Dentistry
Fast Bookings for Emergencies
cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Corrections, Alterations
anti wrinkle treatment
Anti Wrinkle Treatment
And Lip Fillers
And Problem Wisdom Teeth
dental implants
Dental Implants
Replacements, Implants, Bridges
restorative dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
Fixing Problem Teeth
root canals
Root Canals
X-Rays, Issue Detection
Experienced, Professional Care
under 18s
Under 18s
Free for Under 18 Years

Our Dentists

Meet the Northmed team of friendly, qualified dentists. We focus on creating a relaxed environment and always value patient comfort.
Dr AJ Salman

“I give my patients all the available options to every dental problem to help them make informed decisions.”

Dr AJ Salman BDS Otago
Dr Michael Zhuo

“I aim to make every client feel at home when they visit. Dedicated to make daunting dental treatments feel like a simple walk in the park.”

Dr Michael Zhuo BDS Otago
Dr Darshini Ratnaraj

“I pride myself in providing my patients with a comfortable, gentle and painless dental experience. My patients come to me knowing I have their best interests at heart.”

Dr Darshini Ratnaraj BDS Otago
Dr Wendy Wang

“My passion lies in providing dental care with a holistic approach, taking into considerations of my patients’ needs, values and preferences.”

Dr Wendy Wang BDS Otago

“My primary goal is to help my patients achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.”

Dr Celine BDS Otago
  • So happy to have cavity free teeth now. AJ and Nicole are so caring and made me feel at ease. Thank you
    Linda Stephen
  • Super super lovely. Honestly, best team ever. Very chatty and take every care to ensure my comfort.
    Lindsay Weir

    Current Specials

    Below are a few of our current offers. For the full list check out our specials page.

    check up
    Exam & X-Ray
    • Exam and X-ray
    • Dental Advice
    zoom teeth whitening
    Bronze Pack
    • Exam, Xray and Clean
    • Smile Makeover with LASER TEETH WHITENING (in-chair)
    lip fillers
    Gold Pack
    • Exam, Xray and Clean
    • Smile Makeover with LASER TEETH WHITENING (in-chair)
    • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment to Forehead & Frown PLUS 1mL of Lip Filler
    • zoom whitening
    • teosyal
    • invisalign
    • clearcorrect
    • nobel biocare
    • botox
    Seeing things from your point of view