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Can Whitening Help With Heavily Stained Teeth?

We’re all born with naturally white teeth. But as we age, our pearly whites don’t usually stay that way. From dulling and shading, to surface level or deep stains, there are a wide range of factors involved in developing stained teeth.

Genetics, lifestyle habits, medical conditions, medications and more can all contribute to stained teeth. But will whitening help with deep or heavily stained chompers? 

According to Dr AJ Salman of Northmed Dental, teeth whitening might not always be the best option. In this guide, we explore when a teeth whitening service such as teeth bleaching is an ideal option, and when other cosmetic procedures may be more appropriate.  

Teeth Whitening Service

Stains can be unsightly and embarrassing, leaving you hiding your smile and shying away from photos. Teeth whitening services such as in-office bleaching offer a fast, affordable and often effective way to reduce or eliminate surface-level stains. 

Benefits of Teeth Bleaching

  • A fast and convenient procedure.
  • Offers long-lasting results you’ll smile wide about.
  • Gentle even for those with sensitive teeth.
  • Safe and effective.

If you have surface level stains and desire whiter teeth or are looking for ways to “make my teeth whiter“, professional teeth whitening services can help.

What if Your Teeth are Heavily Stained?

Deep-rooted stains, such as those from decades of tea/coffee use, smoking, chewing tobacco, or due to medications such as Tetracycline can be too much for teeth whitening to help with.

Types of Tooth Stains:

Surface Level Stains: Surface level stains typically develop from your usual day to day lifestyle habits. Such stains might be the result of that morning cup of coffee, or afternoon tea, for example. These types of stains don’t penetrate deep in the layers of your teeth, and can usually be effectively removed with a teeth whitening service and/or professional cleaning.

Deep Embedded Stains: These stains develop over long periods of time, seeping into the deeper layers of your teeth and sometimes require cosmetic work beyond that of teeth bleaching to remove or cover up.

Veneers and Crowns for Severely Stained Teeth 

For heavily stained teeth, cosmetic dental work may be necessary to restore your smile to the sparkling set of pearly whites you deserve. In such cases, veneers or crowns are often an ideal solution.

These alternatives to teeth whitening services can restore the shape, form, and even function of teeth, all while enhancing your smile and creating a picture-perfect set of pearly whites you’ll be eager to show off.

Don’t be Embarrassed About Heavily Stained Teeth

Do stained teeth have you feeling self-conscious? Let Dr AJ Salman and his team at Northmed Dental of Auckland’s North Shore help. Most of us will experience some degree of staining and dullness in our teeth, especially as we age. Let our caring and compassionate team help you look as good as you feel.