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Dental Emergency – Crown Fell Off

In this article, Dr Salman addresses a common patient concern of a crown that has fallen off.

It happens more than you think. One day, you bite down on a chewy or sticky piece of food, and the next thing you know, you feel a hard object rolling around your mouth without any warning.

Why Does a Crown Fall Off?

Dental crowns are common. When a tooth has been damaged due to decay or impact, a dental crown can restore it. However, just as real teeth can sometimes be damaged, dental crowns can also be damaged, and temporary crowns may fall off under some circumstances. Decay, age and damage are the usual causes of a weakened dental crown.

When a crown falls off, it doesn’t need to be a disaster. Here’s what to do if your temporary or permanent dental crown falls off.

Call Northmed Dental as soon as you can. Our friendly staff will help you get it sorted as soon as possible.

If the crown isn’t damaged, it can easily be re-seated in just a few minutes and you’ll be on your way.

However, here are some tips to keep your crown in good condition:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you handle the crown to avoid introducing bacteria into your mouth. Make sure to remove all traces of soap as it can make your hands slippery while handling the crown.
  • Gently clean the crown. If you have antiseptic mouthwash, pour a small amount into a clean glass and allow the crown to soak for around one minute. Alternatively, use fresh water. You can rinse the crown under running water, but make sure to hold it tightly. Crowns are small and slippery, and you don’t want to risk losing it.
  • Try to replace the crown on your tooth. It may be a bit difficult if the crown was in the back of your mouth. Make sure to place it on the right way. Crowns are custom made to fit your tooth in a very specific position.
  • A small piece of sugar free gum can work as a temporary adhesive. Place the gum inside the crown before you fit the crown onto your tooth.
  • If the crown is loose, be very careful. You don’t want to risk swallowing it. Try to avoid eating on the side of the mouth with the loose crown.

When you call our practice, we’ll help you deal with this inconvenience. You may experience hot or cold sensitivity until we can re-seat your crown, but rest assured, we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

These tips are helpful, but they’re only meant to be temporary. At Northmed Dental, we’re only a phone call away. We’ll be ready to meet you when you arrive at our office, and you can leave with a beautiful, healthy smile.