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Top Dentist In Rothesay Bay

Top Dentist In Rothesay Bay, NZ Northmed Dental

At Northmed Dental, our team of highly qualified dentists in Rothesay Bay, NZ is committed to providing top-notch dental care for you and your family.

From general check-ups to cosmetic procedures and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to ensure that your visit is as comfortable and efficient as possible, allowing us to focus on what matters most: your oral health.

We know that finding the right dentist can be daunting, but at Northmed Dental, we’re confident that our patient-centered approach will make all the difference.

Our friendly staff goes above and beyond to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you’ll feel at ease throughout your entire dental journey. With cutting-edge technology at our disposal and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service, it’s no wonder so many patients have trusted us with their smiles.

Come see for yourself why Northmed Dental is considered the top dentist in Rothesay Bay.

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Dentist In Rothesay Bay, NZ

Looking for a dentist in Rothesay Bay, NZ? You’ve come to the right place with our highly skilled and friendly team ready to assist you in achieving your brightest smile.

We offer a wide range of services including general dentistry, cosmetics, minor oral surgery, orthodontics, root canals, dental implants, Invisalign Platinum Preferred Provider service and much more.

Our state-of-the-art dental clinic is located near Auckland University of Technology North Campus and offers free on-site parking for your convenience.

We believe that patient comfort and confidence are essential when it comes to dental care. That’s why our dedicated team of qualified dentists strives to create a relaxed environment while using the latest technology and techniques available.

With over 100 5-star reviews from satisfied patients who have experienced our exceptional services firsthand, you can trust us as your go-to dentist in Rothesay Bay.

So whether you’re in need of emergency dental service or just looking for some advice from friendly professionals who truly care about their patients’ wellbeing – we’re here to help.


At Northmed Dental, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your dental needs.

Our qualified and friendly team is dedicated to providing the best possible patient experience. We’re a Platinum Preferred Provider for Invisalign, and we offer general dentistry and emergency care.

In addition, we provide cosmetic treatments, minor oral surgeries, orthodontics, root canals, dental implants, affordable clear aligners, teeth whitening services, and much more. All of this takes place in a state-of-the-art clinic with a relaxed environment.

General Dentist

You’ll be in good hands when it comes to general dentistry, as our friendly team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and confidence with every visit.

Our highly qualified dentists use the latest technology and techniques to deliver effective treatments, making us the top choice for families in Rothesay Bay.

When you choose Northmed Dental for your dentist, you can expect comprehensive examinations and cleanings, expert advice on maintaining optimal dental health, and a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Our goal is not only to address any existing issues but also to help prevent future problems by empowering you with the knowledge and resources needed for proper oral hygiene.

With over 100 5-star reviews from satisfied patients, it’s clear that we take our commitment to exceptional care seriously.

Experience the difference yourself by scheduling a free consultation at Northmed Dental – Rothesay Bay’s top dentist for all of your general dentist needs.

Emergency Dentist

When a dental emergency strikes, we understand how crucial it is to receive prompt and compassionate care that addresses your urgent needs.

We make every effort to accommodate urgent appointment requests so that our patients can receive the dental care they require as soon as possible.

We recognize that emergencies can be stressful, and our friendly team strives to create a relaxed environment where you’ll feel at ease during your emergency visit. Our state-of-the-art dental clinic is equipped with the latest technology and techniques, ensuring efficient and effective treatment for a variety of dental emergencies.

Whether you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, have suffered an injury or have any other urgent oral health concerns, trust Northmed Dental for timely and compassionate care in Rothesay Bay, NZ.


Imagine a straighter, more confident smile without the hassle of traditional braces – that’s what Invisalign can offer you at our state-of-the-art dental clinic.

As an Invisalign Platinum Preferred Provider, we specialize in this advanced orthodontic treatment to help you achieve a beautiful smile with minimal intrusion on your daily life. Our friendly and qualified dentists are committed to providing patient-oriented care in a relaxed environment, ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout the entire process.

Invisalign offers several key advantages over traditional orthodontics. The clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to maintain a professional appearance and enjoy social events without feeling self-conscious. Custom-made for your teeth, Invisalign aligners fit snugly and comfortably, reducing irritation often experienced with metal braces. Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing – making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene during treatment.

Let us help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with Invisalign at Northmed Dental – top dentist in Rothesay Bay, NZ. Contact us today for a free consultation at 09 886 5680

And More

In addition to general dentistry, emergency dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry, Northmed Dental is committed to providing a comprehensive range of dental services, including:

Invisalign: As Platinum Preferred Providers for Invisalign, we specialize in the use of these clear aligners to correct crooked or misaligned teeth and produce a straighter smile. 

Dental Implants: Our highly-skilled team specializes in dental implant services. With our expertise in implant dentistry, we can restore the aesthetics and functionality of your smile with long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Root Canals: We have the expertise and dexterity necessary to perform effective root canal therapy. This specialized treatment helps to alleviate pain and maintain the natural beauty of your smile.

All-On-Four Implants: This cutting-edge treatment procedure offers a safe and effective alternative for full-arch tooth replacement.

Why Choose Northmed Dental

You might be wondering what sets us apart from other dental practices in the area – and we’re excited to share the reasons why our patients keep coming back for more.

One of the main reasons our patients choose Northmed Dental is because of our dedication to their comfort and confidence. We understand that going to the dentist can be a daunting experience for some people; that’s why our dentists see things from the patient’s perspective and make them feel at ease.

Our practice offers free on-site parking as well as emergency dental service for those unexpected situations. With over 100 5-star reviews and conveniently located near Auckland University of Technology North Campus, it’s no wonder we are considered a top dentist in Rothesay Bay.

So whether it’s your first visit or you’re joining our birthday club (yes, we have one.), contact us today for advice or book your free consultation – we look forward to welcoming you into the Northmed Dental family.

Contact us today at 09 886 5680 or visit our page to book your appointment.